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Комплекс Халифа Худойдод

Complex Khalifa Hudoydod — a hanaka in the Old City of Bukhara, a monument of architecture of the 18th century. It is located in the quarter of Bukhara of the same name (Khalifa Hudoydod) inhabited generally by shornik, tanners and weavers. Except a hanaka, the complex included the hostel for blind readers of the Koran.

The native of Urgench ishany, presumably constructs Khalifa Hudoydodom. The mention of this character is available only in oral tradition. It is possible that it tozhdestven to Hudoyberda's sheikh mentioned in lifetime written sources, Balkh's native, the dead in 1841. In written sources there are confusion of characters Khalifa Hudoydoda with Sheikh Hudaydod Valya, but both of them are different people and lived at various times. The sheikh Hudaydod — (Shaykh Hudoydodi Valya) was born Valya (1461-1532) (Shayx Xudoydod Vali, a real name of Hudayberdi, a full name of Hazret Azizon the Sheikh Hudaydod of Valya ibn Hazret Azizon Ortik Sheikh) in 1461 in the city of the Pocket (Navoiy area), Uzbekistan - Islamic an avliya, a feast (Islam), the theologian, the Turkic Saint, the legendary Sufi sheikh, the distributor of Islam in Central Asia, the poet, the mystic and the pakhlavan-fighter of a kurash, one of founders of Sufi school "Dzhakhriya-Sultaniya" that is "loud zikr"., large theorist and sheikh of the doctrine of Hodge Ahmed of Yasavi. The mausoleum of the Sheikh Hudaydod Valya is in the Samarkand region, Dzhambaysky the area, the settlement of Gazira.
The mosque, madrasah and takhoratkhona (the place for ablution) Khalifa Hudoydod are mentioned for the first time under 1797 in the diploma. The same diploma carries them to the quarter Chorbogi Boki - Mahomed - hon that there is an old name of the quarter Khalifa Hudoydod.