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Медресе Гозиен

The madrasah Goziyen is in the city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan. The madrasah, as well as the majority of historical buildings in Bukhara in the XV—XVII centuries is constructed. In the XVIII—XIX centuries this madrasah was included into an education system of Bukhara. In the 19th century this madrasah was used as Muslim school — there came students from the different cities. Now the building of madrasah is an architectural monument and belongs to the world heritage of UNESCO.

Location in the city
The madrasah Goziyen is in the downtown, in the ancient quarter of Bukhara — Goziyen. The madrasah on crossing of streets Dzhuibor and Yim Gazoli Valya is located. Near madrasah are an architectural complex of Hodge-Gaukushan the, and Hovli Poyon hotel, placed in the building of the 19th century.

Description and current state
The madrasah Goziyen is the one-storey building built in style of local Bukhara architecture and in comparison with other madrasahs of Bukhara it is small. The forward part of the building is executed in the form of an arch which is partially decorated with an ornament.
The building is symmetric. Walls of the building are built from a brick (the arc-shaped forward facade of the building is plastered. The ceiling of the external premises of madrasah is very beautifully issued — registration is executed with use of carved marble