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Крепостные стены и ворота Бухары

Fortifications and gate of Bukhara. The remained part of a city wall with breaches — a unique monument of defensive architecture of Central Asia and Bukhara.

The first walls of Shakhristan were put up in the 8th century, during board Takhiridov.
The territory of the city considerably extended and therefore it was enclosed with new walls in 849/50. At the Karakhanidsky governor of Arslan-hane at the beginning of the 12th century the decayed walls were strengthened by a new adobe rampart. And at Majsuda Klych Tamgach-hane in 1164/65 the new shaft was made of a burned brick.
At the beginning of the 13th century both shaft became useless, and horezmsha Muhammad restored them. In 1220 army Chinghiz khan destroyed fortifications.

After that to the middle of the 13th century the city was in desolation, and its territory seriously decreased. In the second half of the 13th century the city began to revive. As appears from ancient manuscripts, were built two large madrasahs at this time — Masudiye and Haniye. By the beginning of the 15th century according to data there were already two rings of fortifications of Bukhara: external — of 12х12 farsakh (est5184 km ²) and internal — the farces of 1х1 (est36 km ²).

Current state
Now only gate of the end of the 16th century — Gate Talipach in the north, Gate Karakul — in the southwest remained. These gate are strongly similar among themselves and quite perhaps that gate of this kind were standard for medieval Bukhara.
By experts it is established that there were only eleven city gate in Bukhara from which five accommodated on the remained site of fortifications. They also restored their name.
Not remained gate located in the south of the city — were called Sheikh Jalal. Their remains could be seen in the 20th century, but now they are completely destroyed.