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Медресе Кульба-Кукельдаш (1568-1569 г.)

Madrasah Kulba-Kukeldash (1568-1569.).- the oldest part of a complex of Lyabi-house, contains 160 cells and it is considered the biggest in Bukhara. Placements to madrasah make an impression of narrowness, a heap of the courses, ladders, recesses. The best that was kept by architecture of madrasah - decorative furniture of two main halls of the mosque and a darskhana and also the dome overlappings under passes conducting from gate of madrasah to the yard, very good type-setting carved wooden doors of the difficult star-shaped drawing.

Madrasah — the largest in Central Asia, its sizes of 86 x 69 meters, at the expense of it it contains in itself 160 hudzhr. In the southern part on the parties from the portal there are a darskhana and the room of the internal mosque, on perimeter of the courtyard are a hudzhra, portals from hudzhr it is not provided in the yard at the expense of what in madrasah it is close and inconvenient. Inside the madrasah is ornated by a mosaic and a majolica, domes of corridors through passage are especially good. Outside the madrasah is decorated rather avariciously, only a cut of an arch and ayvan are decorated with a majolica.
Interesting facts
In this madrasah at the end of the 19th century the prominent Tajik writer Sadriddin Ayni studied. In Bukhara training in madrasah was profitable business: students of madrasah received a free hudzhra and to its owner the grant therefore some students sold the rooms to the third parties was given. For example, the hudzhra in madrasah Kukeldash in the middle of the 19th century cost 100-120 tillya and brought annually 5 tillya income.