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Варахшанский дворец (V в- IX в)

The Varakhshan Palace (V in - IX in). It is located at the southern fortification of the ancient settlement to the west from a citadel. The building arose in the 5th century and existed until the end of VIII or the beginning of the 9th century. The building was exposed to very essential reorganizations. During the highest blossoming, the building represented accurately organized construction. In structure of the palace, building 3 rowed large front doors of the hall - east, red and western were the main thing. In halls along walls there were pise-walled sufa.

East hall: (size 17kh11.5m, height not less 6,5m). Sufa at an honourable (southern) wall extended, forming the wide platform. On the southern, wall the image of the imperial reception headed by the governor sitting on a throne. Red hall: (size 12x8.5). Before sufy there was a special eminence for lamps or braziers. Walls are painted with scenes of hunting for wild and fantastic animals. Western hall: sizes: (7, 25kh6, 6m). From the West ceremonial halls were closed by the extensive yard of 30x9 meters. The burned brick paved the territory of the yard. The southern part of the yard was raised over its other area, forming eminences on which conducted 3 steps. The walls surrounding the yard were richly decorated. The main rooms of the palace built on the high platform towered over other building of a shakhristan. The palace was built more than one thousand years ago. Varakhsha strikes with the relevancy, the sizes and picturesque frescos. At the same time, this almost abandoned place which is seldom visited by inhabitants in connection with that. that it is in several tens kilometers from the city of Bukhara. Unlike it, the ARC it is located in the downtown. It is a stronghold of the last Emirs.