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Sitora-i Mokhi Khosa (the end of the 19th century - the head of the 20th century). One of the best country palaces of Bukhara located in 4 kilometers to the north from the city. A building construction with the apartments representing mix of the European architecture with architecture of the Isfagana palaces and rich houses of Bukhara Hafiz directed Hodge. The throne-room with mezzanines and arches encumbering it is especially characteristic of the palace.

Great art value is represented by the new palace which is built in the neighbourhood with old and includes several complexes of buildings. Here and a triumphal arch of entrance gate with mosaic furniture, and the galleries surrounding the yard with direct racks, and the case of the European architecture with a greenhouse before the big pool. In the depth of a garden - the isolated rooms of a hansky harem.
In the depth of the yard the main case of the palace of the mixed, East European style settles down. At an entrance to the case the sculpture of two marble lions executed by nuratinsky masters lies. Better marble water plums for house in the form of a mouth of a fantastic dragon were given to masters.
The main case of the palace concluding in itself several reception rooms and personal rooms of the emir was constructed generally under observation of the Russian engineers, and only "The white hall" and the reception preceding it built in the 1912-1914th. Belong to art of the Bukhara architects. These halls - masterpieces of a carving and painting on a gancha.
The white hall sparkles is dazzling bright whiteness clean Hull a gancha. covering walls and ceilings. The mirrors fixed into a wall in the form of a panel make only a background for lace of a carved ganch. "The white hall" is executed within two years by group of masters at 25-30 of people under the leadership of the best Bukhara master Shirin Muradov. Now there is a branch of the Bukhara local history museum.