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Мечеть и Минарет Калян (12 в.)

Minaret Kalyan (1127), Karakhanid Arslankhan erects it. The new minaret was built entirely of a burned brick. Height of its 46,5 m, and all its fundamental part leaves on depth up to 10 m. Diameter at a socle reaches 9 m. Powerful conic utonchayushchiysya to top the massive column comes to the end with a cylindrical rotunda lamp on a stalactite wreath. The lamp has 16 through arch apertures over which the crowning stalactite eaves are removed. The set of legends is connected with this wonderful creation.

Minaret Kalyen, it is connected by the bridge transition to a roof of the cathedral mosque Kalyan from where it is possible to get in a minaret and to climb upward in a rotunda the narrow and abrupt brick spiral staircase numbering 105 steps. From a rotunda of a minaret the magnificent view to Bukhara, for the remains of its fortifications opens. At the bottom of a minaret, Kalyan lies a monumental architectural complex - the mosque Kalyan and madrasah of Miri - the Arab. Together with the small area lying between them they make the uniform complex called Poy-Kalyan, t. e, "bottom of a minaret".
The mosque Kalyan is built in perv. floor. 15th century; reorganizations and additions were made in 1514 and in the middle of the 16th century. The mosque is considered one of the most ancient and the second-large ambassador Bibi-Khanum (Samarkand) in Asia. It was constructed on the place of the mosque of the 12th century.
The main entrance - East, is decorated with the big portal issued by a mosaic. The portal is on the eminence, and to the yard of the mosque conduct several steps. With each step the arches of sails are moved apart down, and the view of the main building of the mosque opens. On each side it two blue domes tower. The rectangular yard is framed with the galleries consisting of 288 domes. They by 208 columns are formed the basis. The building occupies the space of 1 hectare. Contained in itself about 10 000 praying