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Чор Минор

Chor Minor (1807) - very picturesque madrasah with a peculiar four-tower construction is on one of makhallinsk streets towards Mazarsk gate. The rich Turkmen Caliph Niyazkul constructed it at the beginning of the 19th century. In one of towers there was surprisingly rich library.

Singularity of a design of Chor-Minor throws into confusion. Therefore sometimes Chor-minor consider only as gate of the lost madrasah. However, by closer examination it is visible that Chor-Minor even in its present state is the self-sufficient complex consisting of buildings, which have, at least, two appointments — ritual and inhabited.

The main building with towers is a mosque. Despite its unusual external design, the mosque has quite usual interior. It served also for daily fivefold Mohammedan prayers (panchvakta machit). Existence of a dome attaches to the hall significance zikr-khans that is places for carrying out by sufiya of the ritual ceremonies, which often included recitation, singing, and instrumental music.

To sidewalls of the central building living rooms of a hudzhra are attached. Thus, for functioning of madrasah does not get only the classroom and some economic rooms, type of table (oshkhana). However, there is even no hint on the fact that they ever existed only a guess. If to assume that the madrasah was not such huge that the existing structures were only his facade or the central entrance, then the remained fundamental buildings in itself are madrasah on 15-20 students.

It was an everyday occurrence in Bukhara that in so-called madrasahs there were no classrooms, or even if they also were, in them classes all the same were not given. Such madrasahs were used as dormitories.

On four corners of the building of the mosque there are four towers in a form reminding minarets thanks to what all complex received the name Chor-Minor (Four minarets). On the second floor and in towers utility rooms were located and as it is considered, there was once extensive library.

Each of four towers (minarets) has the different form. There is an opinion that elements of decorating of these towers reflect is religious — philosophical judgment of four world religions. At least, it is possible to see easily in some elements something reminding a cross, Christian fish, and Buddhist prayful wheels.
On the platform near Chor-minor remained house, most likely relating besides to time period, as a complex of buildings.