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Урочище Сармыш

Natural boundary Sarmysh is near the Uzbek city of Navoy and is one of the most ancient monuments of primitive culture in the territory of Central Asia. Extent of the natural boundary is about 20 On rocks of Ridge Karatau researchers found a set of the images left by ancient people whose total number reaches 10 thousand. Except petroglyphs, in the territory of an archaeological complex the barrows, burial grounds and other objects, which are slightly opening a curtain of primitive history, were found.

This place is monastery of many rare species of a plant and animal life, a part of which is included in the Red List (a black signature stamp, the Central Asian cobra). Sarmysh treats the protected territories, however does not enter the list of objects of UNESCO yet. To preserve cultural and historical heritage and the peace of wildlife, the complex was given the status of the reserve. Here few observation decks, drains, eaves and artificially made steps. Travelers are forbidden to leave carefully trodden footpaths not to harm rare species of flora and fauna.