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Мечеть Магоки - Аттори (12 в.)

The mosque Magoki-Attarimosque Magoki-Attari (presumably X-XN - XVIBB.) Sarrafon is located near. Its history goes to the Sughd old times when the market the Moss was at this place. There was a pagan temple where with the statement of Islam the mosque was built. Believe. That it is also the mosque Maggoki-Attari. Its essential reorganization is the share of the 12th century. When the main facade of the mosque was revetted anew.

В The 16th century is a small quarter mosque. In 1930 restorers released a facade, which almost on 4.5 meters went to soil, and gave an opportunity to survey the main art sight of the mosque. All variety of an architectural decor - figured layings from a polished brick, the carved bricks forming various combinations, patterns, ornaments, terracotta plates, partially irrigation terracotta - everything is organically combined in registration of a portal niche.

Interesting facts
It is considered that before construction of the first synagogue Jews prayed in one room with Muslims. This mosque was called "Magak-i Attari" that means "The mosque in a hole" ("The deep mosque". According to one version Jews prayed with Muslims at the same time, but in different corners. On another — Jews came only upon termination of prayers of Muslims there. These can explain the custom existing at the Bukhara Jews, to finish a morning prayer with words "Crazy aleykhy" ("The world to you"). This custom is absent at the European Jews.