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Медресе Улугбека (14 в.)

Ulugbek's madrasah (1417). The only construction, which remained in Bukhara in memory of the great astronomer Mirzo Ulugbek. Founders of madrasah were the best architects of that time Nazhmetdin Bukhari and Ismail Isfagani. On its doors the aspiration to knowledge - a duty of each Muslim and Muslim" was cut out ". The inscription over doors said: "Over a circle of the people informed in book wisdom and every instant blessing God's doors will be open". Mirzo Ulugbek's madrasah - the rectangular building with the yard and a main entrance decorated with the high portal.

The entrance forks a cross corridor. In one end of a corridor there was a darskhona (the room for occupations), in another - the mosque. On the second floor - library. The facade represents a two-story arcade and has two wings. On both sides of it close towers-guldasta. Also the internal structure of the yard framed with two-storied galleries of cells where there lived pupils is accurate. Walls and arches are decorated very modestly, but tiles gleam where you expect them to see. The madrasah is decorated with an ornament of astral character in what, undoubtedly, Ulugbek's outlook affected as astronomer. Quiet monastic life proceeded in prayers - in the mosque, lectures - in the darskhena, conversations - in shady galleries.
On a sample of this madrasah began to build madrasah in Central Asia.