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Ансамбль Поки Калян Минарет Калян (12 в.)

Lyabi-Khauz Ensemble (Bukhara) (16th century - 17th century) consists of several versatile buildings. Three buildings of madrasah Kukeldash (1568-1569th), Nadir Divanbegi's hanaka (till 1620), Nadir Divanbegi's madrasah (1622) make a complex in which as the central organizing element serves Lyabi - house. Lyabi-house - one of city ensembles is called so according to the name of the huge basin, which is in the middle, built in 1620.

The first remained construction on Lyabi-Khauz appeared in the 1569th year when the dignitary of a Sheybanid Abdullah khan II ordered to construct the madrasah, largest in Central Asia, Kukeldash. At the beginning of 1619-20 on an initiative and at the expense of the representative of the Uzbek sort arlat Nadir Divan-Begi, the vizier at Imamkuli-hane, the housebreaks into squares and the hanaka, which received a name of the creator, is built. In the 1623 rd year to year the same Nadir Divan-Begi builds the building of a caravanserai, then turned into Divan-Begi's madrasah. In the 20th years house by miracle avoids the drainage done with the majority of other house of Bukhara which were considered as sources of diseases, the leading role in rescue of a house was played by the high art value of ensemble. In late time for the areas the monument Hodge was established to Nasreddin. As well as the majority of house of the city, Labi-house was is drained, after the Second World War made a peculiar sports arena of it - volleyball and fight competitions "кураш" were held there. In close proximity to a house. in Soviet period "Epicure", Bukhara restaurant, Komsomolets movie theater settled down. In the fifties there was a fire in "Epicure", the shop burned out completely; there was not enough water in the aryk passing nearby Shakhrud for fire extinguishing. After this incident, city authorities decided to fill house with water, and in the late fifties on perimeter of a house laid a pipe - made the primitive fountain, which works so far.
Arrangement and planning
1 — Hanaka Divan-Begi;
2 — Bolo-house;
3 — Madrasah Kukeldash;
4 — Madrasah of Divan-Begi;
5 — the Monument Hodge to Nasreddin
The ensemble of Lyabi Khauz is located in a southeast part of a Shakhristan of Bukhara, near the central shopping street Bukhara, on the site close to Lyab-i house there are Currents Telpak Furushon and a caravanserai of Nugay.
The area represents the wrong polygon in which east part there is a madrasah of Divan-Begi, opposite to it, on western — a hanaka of Divan-Begi, thus they form kosh. On the central axis of a kosh from the West there is Bol-house, and slightly to the east — a monument Hodge to Nasreddin. All northeast part Kukeldash occupies impressive madrasah.
Architectural features
House Divan-Begi House which is called by Divan-Begi represents a reservoir of an octagonal form of 42 by 36 meters in size and up to five meters in depth. Stone steps form walls of a house. The reservoir was capable to contain more than 4 000 m3 of water, which arrived from the system of aryk, house had no drain. In the latest time house it was turned into the fountain.
Madrasah Kukeldash. In a northern part of the square there is a madrasah Kukeldash. This oldest construction on the square, it was constructed in 1568 — 1569 by Kulbaboy kukeltashem-the dignitary Abdullah khan II. The madrasah represents a rectangular construction of 86 by 69 meters in size and includes the mosque, a darskhana (the place for training) and 160 cells-hudzhr. Planning of madrasah unsuccessful — due to the lack of internal portals hudzhr in to the yard a construction leaves an impression of narrowness and a heap. The madrasah favourably differs in skillfully executed finishing of domes.
Hanaka Divan-Begi
Hanaka was constructed along with hauzy in 1619-20 Nadir of a Divan Begi, the uncle and the vizier of Imamkuli-hana. Hanaka small by the sizes, crosswise, with the central dome hall around which to two floors hudzhra are located. At the edges of the main facade turrets are located, the facade is decorated with a mosaic, on each side it the ligature is put. Arch entrances and the systems of smaller arches issue side facades.
Madrasah of Divan-Begi
The madrasah of Divan-Begi is in east part lyabi-house, on one axis with hanaky and hauzy. The madrasah was constructed in 1622-23 by the vizier Imamkuli-hana Nadir of a divanbega as a caravanserai, but further was converted in madrasah. Differs in the planning not similar to typical planning of madrasah — there are no mosque and the lecture hall. The facade of the building is decorated with a mosaic panel.