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Медресе Модари-Хан

Kosh – Madrasah consists of two madrasahs, opposite through the street: Modari is the khan (1566/67) and Abdullan (1588-1590). The first of them small, two-storeyed; the main facade, has a bevel according to the site of building and the direction of earlier developed street. The yard of two ayvanny, in corners darskhana, on corners of the main facade - turrets - the guldast are located. The modest decor from carved bricks and plates of a majolica decorates this facade.

During the reign of Sheybanid Abdul Khan II (1557-1597), the architectural ensemble of Kosh Madrasah from two opposing madrassas was built in Bukhara. The first is Modarikhan Madrasah built around 1567. In honor of the mother of Abdullah Khan, the second is named after Abdullah Khan himself and was built in 1588-1590. The main facade of the Modari Khan (translated as the mother of the Khan) of the rich is decorated by the Modari Khan Madrasah in Bukhara with tiles from multi-colored brick mosaics that form geometric patterns. On majolica tiles - images of butane flowers. But at the same time, the artistic decoration looks quite modest. The facade is painted with the most bizarre geometric patterns. The madrasah has a rectangular courtyard with one aivan (a portal with a niche). In the courtyard there are two-story loggias, followed by hujras. In the madrasah there is a hostel and an audience (darskhona).