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Медресе  Буян-Кули-Хана (13 в.)

Mausoleum of the Buyan-kuli-khan — The Bukhara mausoleum built in the 1358th year for a body of a chingizid of the khan Buyan-Kuli, the governor of the Chagataysk ulus. The mausoleum of the Brawler-sacks-khan is near the mausoleum Seif ad-Din of Bokharzi. Architectural features
The mausoleum — the small rectangular building which is in the Region of Faysakhan of the city of Bukhara. A facade the Building is decorated with the portal made aflush with a surface of walls.

The portal niche opens to the first hall, the square room in the plan with the parties of 6 by 6 meters, over this hall the dome on sails is erected. Behind this hall the small room in which there is a tomb of the khan Buyan-Kuli is located. In the thickness of walls the corridors passing in the top part of walls in covered galleries and leaders to a roof on both sides are laid.
The mausoleum outside and from within is reverted. White, violet and blue tiles generally use the carved terracotta covered with turquoise facing variously white. Best of all facing remained in the central hall where it covers not only a dome, but also walls. The similar decoration is characteristic of architecture of Transoxiana of the 70-80th of the 14th century.