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Мавзолей Чашма - Аюб (12 в.)

Mausoleum Chashma-Ayub — a cult construction in the center of Bukhara, includes the mausoleum and a sacred source. Now in it the Museum of water is located. The mausoleum was repeatedly reconstructed throughout the XIV—XIX centuries, the plate from a carved terracotta near a well reports that the mausoleum was built in 1379 — 1380 at Tamerlan by the masters who are taken out from Khwarezm.

The construction is formed by four rooms located on an axis the East-West, each room is topped with a dome. The most western room was built by the first as a funeral tower, other volumes were attached later. Exist the legend of this monument connected with the prophet Job (Ayub) who allegedly traveled as the preacher through the Bukhara lands. During a drought, being parched with thirst, local people asked for it waters and as soon as it struck with the staff on the ground, it is still possible to drink fresh water from a salutary source. The orthodox Church in Bukhara regularly reads acathists in the place of stay of the prophet Job.