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Культовый ансамбль Гаукушон

Hodge-Gaukushan's ensemble — one of large architectural complexes in the center of Bukhara. Together with some other constructions of the central part of the city it is included in the List of the World heritage of UNESCO. The ensemble received the name on location: Gaukushon means "killing bulls" and before construction on this spot the big floor space of Bukhara, and even earlier a slaughter was located.

The ensemble includes madrasah and the cathedral mosque with high and wide Hodge's minaret in the diameter Kalon conceding by the sizes only to a minaret Kalyan. The madrasah Gaukushon was constructed in 1570 during an era of government of the Uzbek khan Abdullah khan II and had the traditional domestic scheme. The trapezoid form of the building is explained by its arrangement a fork of streets. Constructions at Gaukushon Square were made at the expense of the dzhuybarsk sheikh Hodzhi Sajd known under a nickname "Hodge Kalon" ("great Hodge") that was reflected in the name, the mosque and in general a complex. In 1598 from the North from madrasah the Friday mosque, the called "Hodge's Mosque" was built. "Hodge Kalon" buried in a family necropolis of dzhuybarsk sheikhs Chor-Bakr.