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Медресе Нарбута-бия

Norbut-Biya Madrasah – one of the few madrasahs of the 18th century, which remained to us. During this period in Kokand there were about 40 madrasahs, but it considerably differed in the architecture and an ornament. The madrasah is constructed at Chorsu Square and represents the one-storey building of 52x72 meters. Throughout 2 centuries of madrasah was the largest educational institution of Kokand – there was the greatest number of living rooms (huzhr).

As it was already told, the Norbut-Biy Madrasah differs from others. First of all, this total absence of any decor – the decision surprising for those times. Secondly, in planning of the building the Bukhara motives are obviously traced. This results from the fact that at the time of construction of madrasah Kokand won a number of victories over Bukhara and captured several hundreds of bukharets among whom there were also skillful architects. They also participated in creation of madrasah, making the changes to planning. At the Soviet power of madrasah it was closed, but after finding of independence by Uzbekistan, opened the doors again. Today in one part of madrasah, the mosque Dzhami is located, and in another over 80 students get an education.