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Ферганский областной краеведческий музей

One of the oldest museums of Uzbekistan is the Fergana regional museum of local lore. The agricultural and industrial exhibition, which passed in 1894 in the city New Margelan, nowadays Fergan, was the cause for creation of this museum. Originally, under the museum allocated four rooms on the top floor of the governor's house. The exposition of the museum for that time consisted of a part of collections from an exhibition and those objects, which offered to the museum different persons. But in two years of the existence the museum by 1897 gathered about 1200 objects and books.

In day of century since the birth of Pushkin the ceremonial opening of the Fergana regional public museum which occupied a wing of the governor's house by then was held. The museum collection was replenished up to 2223 objects generally due to private donations.
In 1911 activity of the museum temporarily stopped due to the lack of financing. Revival of the museum began only after establishment of the Soviet power. Work did not stop also in the years of World War II. During this time funds of the museum were replenished with materials about feats of ferganets at the front and in the back.
Since the beginning of the 50th years of the 20th century the museum begins to be engaged in archeological excavations. So funds of the museum were replenished with collections of stone instruments of labor, ceramic and bronze products from the burial grounds and settlements, which were located in this territory. Now the museum manages more than 10000 archaeological units.
Except archaeological materials, in the museum it is possible to see performing arts and crafts, a collection rishtansky and gurumsarayskoy ceramics, stamping, a jewelry, an embroidery. Here the big collection of painting where works by the first Fergana artists enter is collected and finishing with works of modern writers. Also considerable part of a museum exposition is made by photos, documents, various relics.
Role of the museum in area life rather high. Annually he is visited by about 60 thousand fans of old times. Also here lessons of geography, history, literature, art are conducted.