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Дворец Нурулла-бая

In Dishan-Calais (the external city of Khiva) there are many historical and cultural monuments. Among them — the Nurullabaya palace built in 1906-1912 by order of Mahomed-Rakhimbaya II. Part of a palace complex are several court yard and gardens, rooms for court sessions (arzkhan), ceremonial halls and living rooms. All constructions are surrounded with a powerful fortification which extent is more than 650 meters. Through equal intervals over a wall semicircular towers-guldasta rise. The main palace building is adjoined by madrasah and several two-storeyed structures with premises framed with ayvana.

The glorified Khivan bricklayer Kuryaz Babadzhano worked on a construction of the palace, and the master Hudoybergen Hagi, Islam Hodge known for construction of a minaret, laid out the ornamental relief from a glazed brick on walls. Forces of masters Nurmat and Ruzmeta Masharipovykh and Babadzhan Kalandarov execute carved jewelry and painting on a gancha in ceremonial rooms. The big hall of an octahedral form and a number of rooms of the palace are decorated with gilding and painting of red and dark green colors — such color scale differs from traditional in which prevail cold tone — blue, blue markedly and also white. The wooden columns decorated with a carving on stone base on which overlapping of ayvan leans are created Ata Shikhovym and Ismail Abdiniyazov.