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Музей истории Хорезма имени Аль-Хорезми и Беруни

Museum of history of Khwarezm of Al-Horezmi and Beruni. it is updated Al-Horezmi (architect S. Sutyagin) is constructed to anniversary. The exposition of the museum was transported from the former palace Tash-hauli.
The department of archeology is constructed on materials of the Khorezm arkheologo-ethnographic expedition under the leadership of the famous orientalist S.P. Tolstov. In the ancient time in the territory of Khwarezm there were high-civilized states. 

Archeological finds from ancient ancient settlements Koykrylgan-kala (3rd century BC) and Toprak-kala are exhibited at the museum (6th century AD). The sculpture, the called "Khorezm goddess with a vessel" whose copy can be seen in the museum was found in the temple room. Are of the interest of a sculpture and fragments of the monumental paintings found in the Toprak-kala palace. Tell archaeological materials, models of architectural constructions, fragments of the ceramic facing found during the restoration works to Ichang-Calais and Dishan-Calais about the culture of the Middle Ages.
Monuments of medieval architecture - the former palaces, mosques, madrasah are adapted for other museums in Khiva. The museum of applied art and life of Khwarezm is in madrasah Kazy-Kalyan and includes works of the 18-19th centuries and some samples of the 20th century. Guests of Khiva can get acquainted with products of the national handymen who created fine models of jewelry art, rug weaving, ceramics, woodcarving and to a stone, copper stamping here. The collection of women's jewelry attracts with variety of the techniques characteristic of Khwarezm. There is head, shoulder, nalobny, temporal, ear, nasal, cervical, breast, zone, wrist jewelry which feature - harmonious communication with clothes, is a lot of a yarusnost of forms, abundance of the waving pendants.
Art metal working differed in local lines. An ornament the extended form covered harmonious teapots (choydish), trays, jugs for washing, kettles for moneychangers, cases, etc. Sometimes the ornament joins an inscription, poetic statements are more often. The sample of such vessel is in an exposition.