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Мавзолей Уч-Овлия

Uch-Ovliya's mausoleum (16th century). The name of a monument of architecture is translated as "The mausoleum of Three Saints" It was built at once country cemetery which was filled up to the 20th century, burying under itself(himself) the lower parts of walls of the building. Now it stands behind the palace Tash-hauli. Archeological excavations from stratifications free the mausoleum. The extensive hall is blocked by a dome on arch sails with filling of corners with cellular stalactites, characteristic of Khwarezm. 

A cut niche in the depth of the hall the mesh and star-shaped arch of "kolab-kara" - the only example of the difficult arch in Khiva crowns. According to one of versions the invited Bukhara masters executed it. Names of the Khivan virtuosos of art of woodcarving are imprinted on an entrance door of the portal.