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Мавзолей Абдал Бобо

The mausoleum Abdal Bobo  is located in east part of Dishan-Kal, to the south of madrasah Abdullah Nasfurusha, and to the east of Palvan Carry's madrasah. The mausoleum was built in honor of Abdal Bobo whose real name was Palvan Ahmad Zamchi. After invasion of Arabs, Abdal Bobo became one of adherents of Islamic religion in Khiva. After his death around the place of its burial, winter and summer mosques, a minaret Abdal Bobo, a pond were built. The mausoleum Abdal Bobo is executed in the Bukhara style. Abdal Bobo, is from the kishlak of Zamchi, near Bukhara, was a distant descendant of the prophet Mahomed.