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Резиденция Ислам Ходжи

The residence Islam-Hodzhi, the educated Asfandiyar-Khan's adviser, consists of the smallest madrasah in Khiva (42 hudzhry-rooms for pupils) and the highest minaret (57 meters). Together structures represent an unusual, but harmonious architectural complex. The most famous masters of an era took part in its construction. A minaret Islam Hodge call a symbol Ichang-Kaly. At the height of 45 meters, there is an observation deck with which all city is visible.
Finishing of a minaret a glazed tile gives to a monumental structure ease and grace. 

The dome hall and mayoliko finishing of an entrance and walls of madrasah are of interest to fans of architecture. It will be interesting to that who is not indifferent to history to hear about the tragic fate of Islam-Hodzhi whose progressive ideas did not find a response from contemporaries, as led of it to death.