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Музей прикладного искусства и быта в Хиве

In the Museum of applied art it is possible to get acquainted with all variety of forms of the Khorezm ceramics. In the middle of the 19th century, she endured the new blossoming. Works by the famous masters - Allakor's lips, Yusupkulol's lips, Iskander Kalantar, etc. Are presented to expositions. Products differ in an art originality both in forms, and in color scale, mainly green. In motives of painting of pottery of the master from Khwarezm use concrete subject images - jugs, knives, musical instruments, guns, etc. Khwarezm is famous for the carved tree. In the museum creativity of the national master of Uzbekistan, the woodcarver of at the Palvanov which performing were exhibited at the international exhibitions is presented.

Began to collect exhibits for the museum in the middle of the 19th century. Generally, attention was paid to products of handicraftsmen, house utensils and household items, ancient coins and products of stamping. From exhibits the exhibition for fans of old times which were shown in the different cities was created. And later, on its base, the Museum of applied art and life located in madrasah Kazy-Kalyan who annually visits today in thousands of tourists from around the world was created. Exhibits include products of handicraftsmen – smiths, medical nicknames, tanners, jewelers and other masters. Women's jewelry attracts with the variety, samples of ceramics, potter's art, woodcarving, art painting, rug weaving, copper stamping are brightly presented.