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Минарет Палван Кари

Palvan-Kari's minaret (19th century) constructed near the madrasah of the same name the Khorezm merchant who immortalized thus the name for descendants. Palvan-kari - one of the most monumental minarets in Dishan-Calais. Palvan-Kari's minaret is located in the city of Khiva, the center of the Khorezm region of Uzbekistan. It is in east part of the historical Region of Dishan-Kala, near a complex Seyid-Biya which includes madrasah, the mosque and a minaret.

Construction of a minaret was complete at the beginning of the 20th century. Considerable narrowing in the top part of a construction is characteristic of the majority of minarets of Khiva. The uniqueness of a minaret of Palvan-Kari consists that on all the height it represents absolutely direct cylinder. Today it is heavy to claim what influenced the choice of such architectural concept. Perhaps, it is connected with desire of the architect to introduce novelty in traditional architecture. External finishing of a minaret is also unusual. Unlike the majority of the minarets of Uzbekistan decorated with a mayoliko tile, Palvan-Kari's minaret has only a figured bricklaying executed in several places.