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Мечеть-медресе Саид-бай

Minaret of Seyid-Sheliker-baya (the 30-40th of the 19th century). One of the oldest in Khiva a minaret of an architectural complex of Seyid-Sheliker-baya, behind gate of Palvan-Darwaz enters a chain of the verticals following on the way to the East from Ichang-kaly. The complex includes several monuments which adjoined to each other: the chetyrekhstolpny nine-dome mosque and a half of madrasah between which there is very harmonious minaret with a conic trunk (its height - 24 m, diameter of the basis - 4 m)..

The mosque madrasah Said-bay the Old city of Khiva of Ichang-Kala - absolutely unforgettable and improbable center of monuments of history and the architecture which were under construction and functioning here during 12-19 centuries. The color and breath of the Middle Ages are notable as any more anywhere in Uzbekistan here. The set of madrasah, mosques, caravanserais which are concentrated to Ichang-Kala, on the one hand, are similar at each other, and with another - everyone is individual and is in own way beautiful. The mosque and madrasah Said-bay constructed at a turn of 18 and 19 centuries are outside a wall Ichang-Kala.

At gate of Palvan-Darwaz the small complex of religious structures constructed at the Alla-sacks-khan by the rich merchant Said Sheliker-bayem is located. It unites nine dome mosque, two-storeyed madrasah and a minaret.
The main building of the mosque from the North adjoins opened ayvan with three carved wooden columns of the end 18 - the beginnings of 19 centuries. To a northeast wall of the mosque the tiny madrasah is attached. The minaret Said-baya more than 30 meters high is topped with stalactite eaves and an arch lamp.