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Медресе Мухаммад Амин-Хана

Madrasah Mahomed Amin khan (1852-1855). It has the impressive sizes (71,7 x 60 m, the yard-38 x 38 m), is constructed at the western gate Ichang-Kala. It was the richest spiritual school, which possessed extensive vakufny income and property. Here, as well as in Mu's madrasah - hammad - Rakhim khan, the convenient two-room hudzhra and loggias coming to external facades on the second floor were arranged. Nowadays here the tourist hotel "Khiva" was placed.

Mahomed Amin khan (1817-1855), rule the 1845-1855, seventh governor from the Uzbek dynasty of kungrat in the Khivan khanate.

Mahomed Amin Khan of the Khivan khanate — 1855
Crowning: 1845, Khiva
Predecessor: Rakhimkuli
Successor: Abdullah khan (1855)

In 1845 after Rakhimkuli khan (1842-1845) death to the power in the Khivan khanate his brother Mahomed Amin khan came. At board Mahomed Amin khan, (1845-1855) efforts of the central power on suppression of nomad tribes made some success. Mahomed Amin khan undertook more than 10 campaigns to Merv and Khurasan. At board Mahomed Amin khan diplomatic relations were maintained with Russia, the Ottoman Empire, Iran, and Afghanistan.

In December, 1846 in Orenburg there arrived envoys of Khiva – Klych Niyazmukhammedov and Shukrulla-bay Miskinov. On March 9, 1847 they arrived in St. Petersburg. Ambassadors raised a question of a srytiya of the Raimsky strengthening constructed by Russia near the mouth of the Syr Darya what Nicholas I refused. 1847-1848 passed in small military collisions of the Khivan groups with imperial military units. Without having achieved success, Mahomed Amin khan passed to a peaceful manner of the solution of a question again. In 1850 the Khivan ambassador of Hodge Mekhr Allaberdyev visited St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, all negotiations on an occasion of strengthening ended with nothing.

Policy in the field of culture
During an era of board Mahomed Amin khan in Khiva the biggest madrasah called by his name was constructed. In madrasah 260 students studied. Also construction of the well-known minaret Kalta-Minar was begun. The historian Agakhi wrote history of Khwarezm.

Mahomed Amin khan tragically died during fight near Serakhs in 1855.
After his death the power in Khwarezm passed to his son Abdullah khan (1855) who, however in six months died in fight against nomad tribes. Then to a throne there ascended Kutlug Murad-han. He repeated the fate of the predecessors, having died in war with nomads.
In 1856 Said Mahomed khan came to the power in the state (1856-1864)