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Бухарский фольклор

Madrassah and Caravan Saray of Allakuli Khan (1834-1835) is opposite to Kutlug-Murad-inaka and is one of the richest on finishing. In madrasah, the city library, which pupils of all Khivan madrasahs used, was placed.

After the Alla-sacks-khan in 1832-1833 constructed a caravanserai in which there was a hotel, a warehouse and trade counters, it became obvious that the covered market – Tim who was attached to a caravanserai in 1836-1838 is necessary. It successfully combined functions of city gate, a market and "lobby" of a caravanserai. Now the caravanserai and Tim look as a uniform construction. Trade in Tim was carried out in side benches where merchants stood with the goods. Here it was possible to buy not only local goods, but also the Russian or English fabrics, silk shawls, the Bukhara boots, ware from China, etc. Rice controlled correctness of scales and kept order. He was authorized to settle disputes on the place, using taxes and a beating. From buyers at gate duty on import and export of goods undertook.
Sizes: 74 x 26.5 m, diameter of domes are from 9.5 to 6 m.
History of construction of madrasah in the different periods is written differently. About it ustaz (teacher) historian Agekhi provides the following data in the work "Riyoz of an Ud-davl" ("Magnificence gardens"): - "In a year of a sheep, in (year of Hijra) 1251 (1835) on Allakulikhan's command, under the direction of Muhammad of Yusuf of a mikhtar fortress Tashkhauz was constructed.