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Возвышенность Чупан-ата

Mazar Chupan-ata (15th century) located to the northeast from Samarkand was constructed in honor of the mythical Saint of "the father of shepherds" whose cult was long since popular in the people, especially among cattle-farmers. It not over - a sepulchral construction, not the mausoleum. On the architecture - it is the mausoleum though archaeological openings did not find in it either burial, or a crypt.

Mazar crowns rocky top and is visible from any point of the city. Architecture of a monument - the small room blocked by an internal dome. There is also the second external dome. Mazar differed in color scheme of an external decor in two-uniform harmony - the turquoise DOME merged with blue of the sky, and the massif of the basis deprived of cladding - with color of the Lossiah soil at its bottom, kind of confirming the principle of communication "the earth - the sky".