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Мавзолей Рухабад

Mausoleum Rukhabad. Near Gur-Emir there is a small mausoleum Rukhabad (in translation means "Monastery of spirit"), in whom the 10th is buried sacred a century the sheikh Burkhoniddin Sagaradzhi, his wife Bibi-Khalifa and their 10 children. Burkhoniddin Sagaradzhi conducted exclusively just image of a zhikhzna. He was married to the Chinese princess and died in China. The body of the Saint was delivered to Samarkand and buried by his children here. Sagaradzhi wanted it. Which called Samarkand "the city of God". The mausoleum is built in 1380, by request of Temur and by council Seyid Bereke's World.

According to the legend in a dome of the mausoleum 7 hair from the prophet, Muhammad's head are immured. They say that great Timur very much esteemed this Saint and when passed astride by his mausoleum, always descended from a horse and walked. The mausoleum Rukhabad is considerably allocated against the background of monumental and bright medieval monuments of Samarkand with the asceticism and compactness. Here you will not see a motley facing mosaic and magnificent ornaments - everything is extremely simple and strict.