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Мемориальный комплекс имама Аль-Бухари

Once, here at Mahomed ibn Ismail Bukhari's grave the mosque was built. The Imam of al Topers was born in the 9th century in Bukhara, but died and was buried near Samarkand in 870 g. He since the childhood, conceived a liking to Hadith, tirelessly collected and wrote down legends, many of which in a consequence were brought in "Sharia". The imam collected and ordered 7275 hadis. In 16 century over its grave the small mausoleum was built, a row built the mosque and plane trees are put. In 1998 in connection with celebration of 1225 of anniversary since the birth of the Imam on the place of the ancient mausoleum the memorial complex was built.

The architectural concept of a modern complex of 10 hectares is based on use of national traditions. The complex consists of the mausoleum. Mosques, the office building and other constructions constructed on courtyard perimeter. On the central axis of a complex, the mausoleum of the Imam of al Topers is located. This construction in the form of a cube is topped seventeen with a meter dome. The door on the right side of the mausoleum conducts down to a dakhma - the place of worship. On the right under trimmed with light blue onyx sagany the top floor there is a grave of al Topers covered with marble. On the left side of the courtyard, the mosque which area allows to pray to 1500 believers at the same time is located. Walls are issued by light green, blue, white and glazed tiles, marble, onyx and granite; floors are decorated girikhy; in finishing, it is also widely used ganch. The dome is decorated with a colourful ornament from within. At a mikhrabny niche hangs Kiev - the Kaaba matter presented to Uzbekistan by the king of Saudi Arabia. Behind the mausoleum, the educational center is located (dorus-Hadis) where sciences about Hadisakh are studied. The memorial complex is also the place of Muslim church services and preservations of a sacred tomb. Visit of this holy site at Muslims is equated to a small hajj. Not for nothing in the people say: "If Mecca - heart of the Muslim world, then Samarkand - his head!".