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Hotels in Tashkent

After Temur made Samarkand his capital, he did not forget his hometown. Each time, returning from the next campaign, he certainly first drove to Shakhrisabz, and then, having a rest, went to Samarkand. Temur celebrated his victories with great festivities, banquets and the construction of some magnificent structure in cities, most often in Samarkand and Shakhrisabz. The city of Shakhrisabz is one of the few cities in Uzbekistan, where several mausoleums of the Middle Ages are concentrated in a complex. One of these complexes is Dorus-Siodat (XIV-XVVvv.), Where the ruins of the crypts of the Temurids tomb have been preserved.  

Meeting with tourists 08:00, dating and familiarization with the tour. Start of the tour: 08:30.
In Shakhrisabz visit: Portal of Ak-Saray Palace: Ak-Saray Palace ruins: Monument to Amir Temur in his homeland Shakhrisabz, Koba Madrasah: Wall of the old city of Shakhrisabz: Dorut Tilavat memorial complex: Kok Gumbaz Mosque. Gumbazi Mausoleum - Seyedan ​​Sham: MAUSOLEUM OF SHEIKH SHAMSEDDIN KULYALMemorial complex (Dorus-Saodat) (1394): Lunch: 13:00-14:00 at a local restaurant. Continuation of the tour: 14:30
Visit to the Museum of the History of Material Culture named after Amir Timur: Jahongir Mausoleum: Chorsu Indoor Market (XV century): City Bath (XV century): Honako Malik-Azhdar: Crypt-Tamerlan Grave. Hazrat Imam Mosque: Free time:  Shopping is the end of the tour.