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Vacation Trip to Uzbekistan

Tours in Uzbekistan begin with inspiration! Since tours to Uzbekistan are chosen by tourists who want the sun, fruit, pilaf, mood, impression, smile and hospitality. And when does it all start? since March, with the onset of Spring, and of course everything in this world ends as tours to Uzbekistan as an average season since mid-November. In this period that is not big but saturation, you can plunge into a fairy tale called The Great Silk Road with its units, Navruz Spring Festival, as well as festivals of fruits, spices, silk, etc.
Information about Visa to Uzbekistan
List of the Embassy of Uzbekistan
You can find the Consulates of Uzbekistan
Climate in Uzbekistan
A complete list of prohibited and restricted substances.
You can get acquainted with international flights. You can also look at local flights.