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Khiva is the only fully preserved ancient city on the Great Silk Road.
It is rightly called an open-air museum. In 1997, under the auspices of UNESCO, the 2500th anniversary of the city was celebrated. Khiva - the former capital of Khorezm - has preserved the eastern flavor and integrity of the old urban environment. And if in Khiva there is no such a grandiose city forum as the Samarkand Registan, and such a variety of architectural styles (from the 10th to the beginning of the 20th century) as in Bukhara, then historical monuments in Khiva occupy entire areas, many of which are perfectly preserved until of our days. The completeness of a visit to the inner city - the architectural reserve of Ichan-Kala and the ensembles of the outer city closest to it - Dishan-Kaly - is composed of alternating madrassas and mosques, houses and baths, palaces and mausoleums - from voluminous to squat and tall, massive and light spherical conical and rectangular, concave and convex, shaded and sun-drenched ...

Meeting with tourists: 08:30 - familiarization with the tour program
Start of the tour: 09:00 Open Museum Ichan Kala, Ata Darvaza, Madrasah Muhammad Amin Khan (18th century) Minaret Kalta Minor (18th century), Kunya Ark (16th century), Madrasah Muhammad Rakhim Khan (18th century), Amazing and the beautiful beauty of the Juma mosque (X century, 1788).
Lunch: 13:00-14:30 at the local restaurant. Tour Continuation: 15:00
Ak-Mosque (18th c.), СOMPLEX KORIKHONA. Shirgazi-Khan Madrasah. Amir Tura Madrasah (18th century), Tash Hovli (18th century), Muhammad Amin Inak Madrasah (17th century), Kutlug Murad Inak Madrassah (18th century), Pahlavan Mahmud Complex (14th century), Free time Shopping Dinner, end of tour