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Медресе Мухаммад Рахим-Хана

Madrasah Mahomed-Rakhim khan (end of the 19th century). The monumental monument of architecture is opposite to Kunya-Arka. It has the closed courtyard space from hudzhra before the main facade that is characteristic in Khiva and of other madrasahs (not remained courtyard before madrasah Mahomed-Amin khan, Amir tour are restored now). The madrasah yard Mahomed-Rakhim khan - two-storeyed, and a lobby from nine compartments - the most branched among all known Central Asian madrasahs. The sizes of this large monument - 62,4 x 49,7m, the yard-29 x 28,3 m.

In 1864 after the death of the father — Said Mahomed khan came to the power Mahomed Rakhim khan II.
He was an educated governor, in youth Arab Mahomed khan in Khiva studied in madrasah. The outstanding Uzbek poet, the historian Agakhi was one of his teachers.
At board Mahomed Rakhim khan II diplomatic relations were maintained with Russia, the Ottoman Empire, Iran, and Afghanistan.
Mahomed Rakhim khan II was the last independent khan of Khwarezm. In 1873, despite resistance, the khanate appeared under protectorate of Russia. Since 1896 the lieutenant general, since 1904 the general from a cavalry. The emperor Nicholas II in 1902 granted to the khan the title "Graces".