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Hotels in Tashkent

Tour-All Uzbekistan 15 days - 14 nights
Cities: Tashkent, Urgench, Khiva, Bukhara, Karshi, Termez, Shakhrisabs, Samarkand, Ferghana Valley, Mountains. 

 Meeting at the airport with the sign Uzbekistan Travel Art transfer to the hotel accommodation free time.
Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, which is famous for its numerous museums and a combination of modern and Soviet architecture. The Museum of the History of the Timurids contains manuscripts, weapons and other relics of the famous dynasty. Nearby is the huge Museum of the History of Uzbekistan, where ancient Buddhist artifacts are presented. The Tashkent TV tower rises above the city, from the observation deck of which opens a panoramic view of the city

 Breakfast at the hotel: 08:00-09:00 Meeting with the guide acquaintance with the tour. We suggest visiting the Tashkent TV Tower: Shahidlar Khotirasi Memorial Complex: Museum of Remembrance of the Victims of Repression: Independence Square: Lunch: 13:00-14:00 Uzbek restaurant, national cuisine. After lunch Continuation of the tour Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater: State Museum of the History of Temurids: Square Monument to Amir Temur: Dinner: 19:00 in the national restaurant with the Show Ballet. Transfer to the hotel free time. 
 Early breakfast at the hotel: 05:00-05:30. Check-out, Transfer to the local airport, departure Tashkent-Urgench 07: 00 // 08:40 arrival meeting with a sign and transfer to the city of Khiva. Meeting with the guide acquaintance with the tour: Start of the tour: 11:00 Ichan-Kala (the inner city of Khiva), Kunya-Ark Fortress, Madrasah and Minaret Islam Khoji, Avesta Museum. Lunch: 13:00-14:00 at the local restaurant.
Hotel accommodation 14:00-15:00. Continuation of the tour: Visit to the Tash Hauli Palace, Juma Mosque, Minaret and Madrasah Muhammad Amin Khan, Pahlavan Mahmud Complex. Overnight at the hotel. Free time. 

 Breakfast at the hotel: 07: 00-08: 00 Transfer to Ancient Khorezm - Sources of the Arabian conquest era are called Khorezm - the Country of a Thousand Fortresses. And in fact, today in the Khorezm region, archaeologists have discovered many ancient fortifications that were once powerful fortresses and royal palaces. The most famous of them are Toprak-Kala, Janbas-Kala, Koy-Krylgan-Kala, Kyzyl-Kala and Ayaz-Kala (Kala in translation means fortress). Lunch: in the restaurant: 14:00-15:00 Even today, the grandeur and scale of the ruins amaze with their magnificence and power. Thousands of fortresses span the vast expanses of waterless steppes and, like gigantic idols, they keep the secrets of Ancient Khorezm. Transfer to Khiva overnight at the hotel. 

 Breakfast at the hotel: 07: 00-08: 00 Check-out. Transfer to Bukhara. Arrival in Bukhara: Free time. Lunch 13-14: 00 hotel accommodation. Bukhara is called a many-faced city. She is credited with various epithets - “Sacred Bukhara”, “Wise Bukhara”, “Blessed Bukhara”, “Scholarly Bukhara”, but, probably, the most faithful and accurate is “Noble Bukhara. Dinner: 18:00-20:30 Bukhara folklore with a show ballet, overnight at the hotel. 

 Breakfast at the hotel: 07:30-08:30 Start of the tour 09:00 Visit to the Ismail Samani Mausoleum (9th c.), ARK Citadel (9-10th c.), Chashma Ayub Mausoleum (12th c.), Magoki Attori Mosque (12th c.), Poi Kalyan Ensemble, Kalon Minaret (12th c.), Kalon Mosque (12th c.), Miri Arab Madrasah (16th c.), Lunch: 13:00-14:00 Famous Bukhara meat in a tandoor continuation of the tour : Mausoleums of Sayfiddin Boharzi (12th century), Madrassah Buyan-Kuli-Khan (12th century), Gaukushan Ensemble, In the evening, visit to the 16th-century Hammam the most famous and oldest - the Bozori Kord Hammam (17th century). Visiting such establishments will definitely leave a lasting impression. Overnight at the hotel. 

 Breakfast at the hotel: 07:00-08:00 Check-out. Transfer to Termez through the city of Karshi. According to V.V. Bartold, the Mongol Khan Kebek (1318-1326), the successor of his brother Esen-Buki Khan, moved to Maverannahr, to its southern part , and built for himself a “karshi” palace at a distance of two and a half farces, that is, about 15 miles, from the city of Nakhsheba, along the lower reaches of the Kashka-Darya. The word "Karshi" means in Mongolian "palace." Lunch: In the city of Karshi. Free time hotel accommodation and night in Termez. 

 Breakfast at the hotel: 07:00-08:00 Beginning of the tour: 09:00 The city of Termez was founded in the middle of the 1st millennium BC. The ancient settlement arose on a natural hill on the right bank of the Amu Darya and was well fortified. In the III-II centuries. BC. Zharkurgan minaret: Buddhist temple complex of Fayaztep. Architectural complex Hakim at-Termezi (XII-XV centuries,): Lunch: 13:00-14:00 in a local restaurant. Continuation of the tour. Kampyrtepa Fortress: Long vaulted corridors, Tarmita cave temples: Buddhist cult center of Karatepa: Toprak-Kala - ancient settlement: Hanaka Kirk-Kyz (from the 6th to 11th centuries): Friendship Bridge: Zurmala: the oldest Buddhist building in Central Asia: Free time night In a hotel.   

 Breakfast at the hotel 07:00-08:00 Transfer to the city of Shakhrisabs, the first settlements near Shakhrisabz formed in the VI11-VII centuries. BC. A worthy place is allotted to history and to Shakhrisabz, which arose, according to academician V. V. Bartold during the period of Greco-Bactrian culture (Hill centuries. BC. E.). Lunch: 13:30-14:30 hotel accommodation. Start of the tour: 15:00 Monument to Amir Temur in his homeland of Shakhrisabz near the Ak-Saray palace: Dorut Tilavat memorial complex: Chorsu indoor market (15th century): City bath (15th century): Honako Malik-Azhdar: Tomb of Tamerlane’s grave: Koba Madrasah: Wall of the old city of Shakhrisabz: Shopping. Overnight at the hotel. 

 Breakfast at the hotel: 07:00-08:00 Check-out. Transfer to Samarkand. Arrival at 12:00 free time lunch: 13:00-14:00. Hotel accommodation. The history of Samarkand - this legendary and unique city - has more than 2000 years. Modern Samarkand is the second city of Uzbekistan after Tashkent in terms of population and territory, industrial significance. Start of the tour 15:00 Visit the Gur - Emir Mausoleum: Registan Square (14th century). Necropolis of Shahi Zinda (XIV - XV centuries): Dinner: Overnight at the hotel. 

 Breakfast at the hotel: 07:00-08:00 release of rooms moving to Tashkent the first traces of life in the city - 15-12 thousand years BC (Upper Paleolithic site in Karakamysh and Bozsu). The first settlement on the site of Tashkent - VI - IV centuries. BC. (Shashtepa). Mounds of nomads of the Sarmatian culture - II - I centuries. BC. (Shashtepa). Fortified settlements in Tashkent - I - IV centuries. AD (Durmen). Arrival at 12:30 pm lunch at the Plov Center, accommodation at the hotel 14:00. Free time overnight at the hotel. 

 Early breakfast at the hotel 05:00-06:00 transfer to the railway station. Transfer to Kokand. Meeting with a guide in the city of Kokand, We offer a visit to the palace of HUDOYARKHAN: JAMI Mosques: Tombs of DAHMA-I-SHAHON: Lunch: 14:00-15:00 continuation of the tour. HISHTLIK Mosques: MODORI KHAN Mausoleum: NORBUTABI Madrasah transfer to Ferghana. Dinner at the most fashionable FERGANA teahouse. Accommodation at the hotel overnight at the hotel. 

 Breakfast at the hotel: Transfer to the city of Rishtan to the folk potters. Sightseeing tour of Ferghana, visiting the ART gallery. Mausoleum of Burkhanuddin Al-Marginani: Madrasa Dasturkhonchi: City of Cuba (Buddhist Temple): Madrasa Norbut Biya: Overnight at the hotel.   

 Early breakfast at the hotel: Transfer to Andijan. On the way, check-in to Kuva at the KUVA-GORODISHCHE excavation - continue the tour of GODS-CHAMOL, Mosque and madrasah and minaret JAMI. Transfer to Namangan lunch: Visit to the mausoleum of Khojamni Kabri Akhuna Madrasah Mullah Kirghiz. Mosques of Attavalik Mullah Bozori. After lunch, transfer to Tashkent. Overnight at the hotel. 

 Early breakfast: 06:00-07:00 at the hotel transfer to the Mountains of Uzbekistan to the Chimgan mountains (80 km) Upon arrival at the Chimgan tract, a walk through the mountains. The exit to the Beldersay gorge is a cable car, the length of which is more than three km, then you can ride to the top of Mount Kumbel (2400 m), where the longest ski run in Uzbekistan is located. Lunch: in the mountains in the national restaurant Shish kebabs, Free time.In the evening transfer to Tashkent, Restaurant farewell dinner

 Visa support
Double accommodation in 3 * hotels
Trains: Tashkent-Kokand-Tashkent
Meals: Breakfast
Local city guides
Transport throughout the tour
Accompanying from the company at the request of tourists
Bottled water 1 pc., 0.5 L per day - for 1 person.
1 set of gift per person from the company

 International and local flights
Medical insurance
Extra menu
Video and photo shooting in the field
Entrance fees not included in the program
Additional guide services
Visit to the 16th Century Hamam: Full Complex with Massage
Attendance at master classes: per person in cities
Lunch Dinner: