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Крепость Куня-Арк

Kunya-Ark Citadel in Khiva is located at the western gate of the city. It is the first citadel, which collapsed more than once and again built up on the old place, outside a rectangular kernel of Khiva with centuries the suburb - Rabat which in the middle of XIX in, was enclosed with fortifications too expanded. So in Khiva there were two cities: internal - Ichang-kala and external - Dishan-kala. The architecture of Khiva reached the highest blossoming in the 19th century when construction in connection with expansion and consolidation of the Khivan khanate was developed.

The most interesting in Khiva is the structure of the ancient city, which remained up to now. Here an opportunity to feel entirely a uniform architectural complex of east city appears. Simplicity and expressiveness of ensembles of Khiva - result of high culture, the developed professional skill of their authors. Contrast combination of opposite principles: sculptural forms of domes, verticals of minarets and flat roofs of background building of residential quarters.