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Мавзолей Гур - Эмир

Gur Emir (on Farsi — Emir's Tomb) — the place of burial of Temur and his descendants (15 century). The idea of creation of a complex belongs to Temur who wanted to construct a tomb for the darling, prematurely died grandson — Mahomed of Sultan who was declared Temur's successor. Later Temur, members of his family and two sheikhs — a sufiya were buried here..

Mausoleum Gur Emir (1404) In 1403 Timur in connection with the sudden death of the beloved grandson Muhammad-Sultan began construction of the mausoleum. Soon here the body of the Timur who died in a campaign to China was brought. The mausoleum was turned into a tomb of Timurid where also 2 sons of Timur - Shakhrukh and Miranshakh, the grandson of the great commander - the scientist-astronomer Ulugbek, the spiritual mentor of Timur - the sheikh from Medina Mir Seyid Bereque and a certain Shah-Hodge are buried. Today the whole world knows this mausoleum under the name Gur-Emir. i.e. Emir's grave. On the art advantages and design features the mausoleum Gur-Emir is an outstanding monument of medieval architecture. Outside especially strong impression is made the entrance portal decorated with a figured bricklaying and a carved mayolikovy mosaic. and the mausoleum dome (diameter of-15 m, height - 12,5 m) executed in saturated blue tones. In the mausoleum the namogilny stone of Timur from black-green nephrite assigned by Ulugbek is especially distinguished from the top gravestones. It is the biggest jade stone in the world.