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Мавзолей Абу Мансура Матуриди

Abu Mansour Maturidi's (Moturidiy yodgorlik majmui) mausoleum — the mausoleum in Samarkand located in kilometer to the southeast from the area and ensemble Registan. The mausoleum is erected over Abu Mansour Mahomed ibn Mahomed's grave of Al-Maturidi (870 — 944), the famous Islamic theologian, expert on fiqh (Muslim law) and the interpreter of the Koran (mufassir), the founder of a maturidizm. He was buried at the Samarkand cemetery Chokardiza where, according to the legend, more than 3000 scientists-theologians are buried. Over a grave the mausoleum destroyed in the 1930th years was built. The mausoleum is in the central part of the city of Samarkand, in the territory of the so-called old city, between streets Vabkentsk, Bukhara and Gizhduvan, in about a kilometer to the southeast from the area and ensemble Registan.

In 2000, on the occasion of 1130 summer anniversaries since the birth of Abu Mansour Mahomed ibn Mahomed of al-Maturidi, on the place of the destroyed mausoleum the architectural complex occupying the space of 4 hectares in which center there is a mausoleum of the scientist was built. In the territory of a complex besides the mausoleum and tombs of scientists-theologians, the park from green plantings is broken. Height of the mausoleum is 12 meters, together with a dome of 15 meters. The building is topped with a double dome, external — ridge — is trimmed by a blue majolica, the drum is decorated with 24 arches. On a white marble gravestone, sayings of the scientist are cut out.
To the west from the mausoleum the low building with a dome is located, from North side the eminence (sufa) with tombstones of the IX—XVIII centuries is placed, and in a garden there is a rotunda arbor with a tomb of the scientist-jurist Burhanuddin al-Marginani.