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Музей истории Самарканда «Афрасиаб»

The museum of history of the basis of Samarkand — the museum of Samarkand devoted to history of foundation of the city. The building of the museum is located in a northern part of the city of Samarkand, near the ancient ancient settlement Afrasiab which is a large archaeological monument. Exhibits of the museum are the artifacts found in the course of excavation on the ancient ancient settlement and relating to various periods of city history.

These are ossuary, the remains of ancient blades, knives, arrows, coins, ceramics and also unique frescos of the Palace of the Samarkand ikhshid of the VII—VIII centuries. Archeological excavations were begun at the end of the 19th century. Among a set of interesting objects, models of highly artistic painting of the VI—VII centuries were the most unique. The Armenian architect Bagdasar Arzumanyan built the building of the museum in 1970.