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Mausoleum of Khoja Daniyar— the mausoleum in Samarkand located on North side of Hill Afrasiab. It was constructed on the place of burial and the mosque of times of Tamerlan in 1900.

History According to legends, Hodge-Daniar's prophet was an associate of the Arab preacher Kusam ibn Abbasa. Believe also that Hodge Daniar is a Koranic and antiquated bible prophet Daniil whose remains, namely his hand, were brought to Samarkand by Timur from the city of Susa. Over the place of their burial the mausoleum reconstructed at the beginning of the 20th century was built.
The mausoleum represents a crypt about 18 meters long. The popular belief says that the crypt constantly grows. The mausoleum is a pilgrimage object, both locals, and visitors from around the world. In 1996 the Patriarch of All Russia Alexy II visited him. Near crypt almonds, which dried up once, grow, but then recovered again.