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Древнее Городище-Афрасиаб

The ancient settlement Afrasiab (the 7th century BC - HSh of century AD). Stores the remains of ancient Samarkand destroyed by Mongols in the subsoil. The name "Afrosiab" is connected with a name of the hero of the ancient epos "Shakhna-Me" - Afrosiab. Mighty lord Turana. Nowadays Afrosiab - a huge congestion of lifeless hills. But far back in the past life boiled here. The fixed interest of scientists in the ancient settlement Afrosiab is also explained by it.

The first monumental layings of fortifications of the ancient settlement belong to V1I-V1 to centuries BC. At a citadel foot city quarters with dwellings of citizens, temples, reservoirs and floor spaces since ancient times lay. In the palace complex of the city located in one of quarters of the VII-VIII century of century of our era. the wall paintings well-known for the whole world executed by the most talented Samarkand painters were found. Walls of the ceremonial hall are decorated with the highly artistic painting executed by glue paints on clay plaster.
Unique genre paintings, paintings settle down on walls in three tiers. Bright paints represented scenes of a majestic procession of the men bearing rich gifts and dressed in festive elegant suits, the movement to the temple of the capital, a scene of fight and hunting, the image of the water kingdom. The found wall signatures in the original today predstavklena in the museum "Afrosiab".