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Бастион Акши-Бобо

Akshi-Bobo's bastion is over an ancient citadel of the Kunya-ARC, in the city of Hiva. On a pise-walled fortification which is strengthened by semi-towers the two-story terrace – ayvan, known under the poetic name "Akshi-bobo" towers that is meant by "the aged man in love" or "Akshikh of a bean" – "the white sheikh". What formed a basis for the name of a bastion – it is unknown. The bastion from which the beautiful view of the city opens perfectly performed the functions. The enemy had no chance to approach its walls unnoticed.

And it is valid, it is the beautiful observation post: all Khiva, as from the present east fairy tale appears at a look. Chains of minarets pierce the sky, over flat roofs of houses domes of mausoleums and mosques tower. Among labyrinths of small streets, hansky palaces, which are surrounded with courtyard with elegant terraces, are visible. Close there is a Kurnysh-hana palace built in 1806; it was the place of formal receptions of city visitors. In the center of the Kurnysh-hana palace the rich courtyard with mosaic panels and columns. Traditional east architecture and furniture of the numerous palace rooms decorated with a magnificent majolica attract tourists from all over the world here.