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Медресе Матнияз-Диван-беги

To the east of madrasah Mahomed-Amin khan is one-story madrasah of Matniyaz - the Sofa - run. It was constructed in 1871 by the hansky minister Mahomed-Niyaz Divan-begi. The main facade turned to madrasah Mahomed-Amin khan has the high portal with a pentahedral niche decorated with a blue-white-blue Khorezm majolica.

Three arch niches and angular towers-guldasta issue side wings of his facade with tiny lamps and kupol. The southern and east facades of madrasah - deafs, northern has a superficial arcade. The cross axis of madrasah is arranged the same as in madrasah of Matniyaz - the Sofa - run: southern mosque and northern false portal.