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Минарет Мурад Тура

Minaret of Tura-Murad-Tura (1888). This tiny minaret appeared now alone, among houses opposite to Kunya-Arka, built at the mosque of the same name, which did not remain. The minaret Murad-Tura, 9 meters high, is located in the city of Khiva, the center of the Khorezm region of Uzbekistan. The minaret and the mosque near it were called in honor Murad-Tura, the brother khan Mahomed Rakhimkhana II. The minaret is near madrasah Mahomed Rakhimkhana II and a complex of the Kunya-ARC.

It is one of the tiniest minarets of Khiva. A structure diameter has the reasons 3,2 meters. The minaret Murad-Tura is executed from a burned brick, and the top part is decorated with a belt of the ornament, which is laid out by a mayoliko tile. The tile is poured in the sun, supplementing an image of a minaret. The mosque Murad-Tura did not remain up to now, today the minaret settles down among residential quarters.