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Комплекс Ислам Ходжа

An easy and slim silhouette remembers the minaret Islam Hodge (1908 - 1910). Topped "the internal city". It is 1 m lower than a minaret Kalyan (its height - 44.5 m), but it seems much more above it. Thanks to the form. The trunk of Islam-Hodzhi having diameter in the bottom of 9,5 m is vigorously reduced up and comes to an end only with a small nimbus of eaves and a kupolok over the room of the herald. The brick decor of a minaret of Kalyan emphasizes its monumentalism, thorough communication with the earth.

And the minaret Islam Hodge is surrounded with the sparkling tapes of facings and directed into the sky in which haze are dissolved, its mosaics from blue, blue, white, turquoise tiles thaw. The best masters of the time Balta Vaisov, Ishmukhammad Hudayberdyev took part in his construction and preparation of a decorative ornament. Kalandar Kuchum, etc.