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Музей ремесел (Хива)

The museum of crafts is in the building of madrasah of Matpana-baya. In it the exhibits reflecting life and instruments of labor of handicraftsmen of Khwarezm are presented. The skill of smiths, armorers, jewelers, bricklayers, skinners, potters, weavers reached in the 19-20th centuries of high level. Khiva was famous for the master jewelers. Medical nicknames, masters of painting in a tree.

Here carvers of a ganch worked. Chasers, existed a tree finishing workshops, workshops on production of woolen fabrics, products from skin, art of a heeltap on fabric was developed. With instruments of labor and with its results it is possible to get acquainted with many types of crafts in the Museum of crafts - only in Uzbekistan. Near the museum, there is a smithy. In the small workshop, which is, going outside fire burns, and in the face of the curious audience the jug is made. Art of national masters of Khiva is so clearly demonstrated.
According to the decision of UNESCO Khiva is included in a treasury of world cultural heritage.