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Медресе Абдулла-хана

Madrasah Abdullah khan very considerable by the sizes. Its plan, though keeps the traditional organization of rooms around four the ayvanny yard, is strongly complicated. Besides hudzhr, turned into the yard, a row them is located on the main facade - before the mosque and darskhany; in corners they are combined with subsidiary octahedral rooms, from two parties, on yard axes, form independent blocks. The western group of premises of madrasah consisting of the oktogonals hall, which is well lit under a dome wreath of windows, and two floors surrounding it hudzhr, is original. In spatial creation of overlapping of the mosque and a darskhana the constructive basis of the brick crossed arches and thyroid sails is decoratively complemented with ganchevy raspalubka, mesh sails and ribs.

Domes are raised on drums with big windows from where a lot of light comes to interiors. In decorative furniture of external and domestic facades of madrasah sets of glazed bricks and a majolica of dark blue-light blue scale are used. The door of a main entrance is executed by thin joiner's sets of the pro-thinned-out bars, the forming giry, and carved patten inserts. The madrasah Abdullah khan in Bukhara Architecture of madrasah Abdullah khan was constructed in the 1588-1590th. is also works of Asian architecture, than at madrasah of Modari-han. The lobby of madrasah represents gallery with two passes to the yard. All constructions are built around a court yard. Also are constructed in gallery the mosque and an educational class are located (dastarkhan). The mosque is a little turned at an angle and has the big size of a facade, two floor. For this purpose, in order that it is correct to focus a prayful niche (mikhrab) on Mecca. In internal a court yard – four ayvan with high portals. Instead of a color mozayka facing is made by mayolikovy tiles. The dome is originally issued, decorated with the geometrical patterns consisting of five - eight - and nine final stars. What gives it a festive look, especially at dawn. Very beautiful doors in madrasah, they are collected from separate pieces of a tree by absolutely thin carving, without uniform nailing. Madrasah Abdullah khan takes the third place in size before it only in Bukhara Kukaldosh and the World the Arab