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Медресе Мулло Турсунжон

The madrasah Mullo Tursunzhon is in the city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan. The madrasah, as well as the majority of historical buildings in Bukhara in the 16th century is constructed. It was originally used for the direct designated purpose as school, and at the moment is a monument of architecture and treats the world heritage of UNESCO.

Location in the city
The madrasah Mullo Tursunzhon is in the downtown at the end of Mekhtar Ambar Street on the right side. Mekhtar Ambar it is possible to go outside from the western pass And Telpak Furushon.

Description and current state
The madrasah Mullo Tursunzhon is the two-storeyed building built in style of local Bukhara architecture. The building is symmetric, in its center in front there is a big arch. It is given a little forward and is an external entrance to madrasah. The ceiling of an arch creates the shelter, and she forms a court yard before the building. The arch is at the edges decorated with an ornament which not bad remained. At the edges of a forward part of the building two towers, which smooth rectangular contours of the building, are located.

Walls of the building are laid out from a brick and plastered. The ceremonial part of the building looks excellently, but on side and back building walls plaster flew, the bricklaying was bared, and in places and partially collapsed. Inside the madrasah is divided into rooms, the majority of which windows have. Rooms in a forward part of the building on the first floor have independent the exits which are closed swing wooden doors, and on the second floor — exits to balconies. Balconies and exits are also issued in the form of arches. At side rooms of a window is only on the second floor, and they are closed by lattices. On the first floor at side rooms of a window originally existed, but were put by a brick