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Мечеть Баланд (15 в.)

The mosque of Baland - in translation "high" means. By the name, it is obliged to situation on the high stone basis. It is a typical sample of quarter guzarny mosques. Cubic volume with a flat false ceiling and ayvany on wooden carved columns (19th century). Classically found proportions of parts here compensate domination of the plane: the panel, over it the alternating big and small panels, then a frieze. The mosque panel - a series of rectangular frames. Each of which fills out with herself the mosaic drawing.

The middle part of a wall is adorned a lancet form of a panel, the completed flower drawing, with a narrow field for an inscription over a frame, with a figured niche over a frame - they alternate among themselves and differ in a form and the drawing. A ceiling wooden, complex joiner's work, with stalactite deepening in the middle of a star-shaped figure. Six-sided tiles of panels - with fundamental painting by gold. In the mosque of Baland of means of picturesque furniture of walls are developed with exclusive gloss. In the region was considered that this mosque is worthy imitations.